Mastering - better done by A pro!

A crucial factor for the success of a music production is a mastering done by a professional!
The tracks are sounding more warm, more balanced and more fresh when they being mastered.
Only a pair of “fresh” ears can help you getting the last percentage out your production to perfection.
A fault very often done by producers is to mix and master themselves cause of low budget – but, hold on for a while and think about it if you really cannot afford a mastering or if you don’t even want to afford a mastering.
Think about one thing: Making LOUD is not what's Mastering is about!
We work with passion, perfectionism, depth knowledge and the best equipment to get out the best from your productions.

In our acoustically planned and optimized room by Fritz Fey (Studio Magazine), the sound ideas given by the artist are always on focus to us.

Try our service – you will not regret.

A question of loudness?!

For us, there’s no question about loud OR gentle!
The Credo in our work since the past last years is, loud what’s need to be and gentle what has to be gentle!
However, we don't participate in the "Loudnesswar" but we'll always have an eye on the correct relation between pressure and dynamics.

Our long-term expertise doing mastering, especially in the EDM Scene e.g. Trance, Techno, House and Chill-out will help you to lift your sound to the next upper level.
We know “the flow” on stage or on the Dancefloors down in the clubs!

We do offer both, attendend Sessions or eMastering service – you decide what you need or can afford.

Be sure however your decision will ends up with, we love music and we’re perfectionists in what we do – our passion is in the detail!


Delivery to all digital stores like iTunes, Beatport, Amazon MP3 ect or the classical analog delivery to CD & Vinyl press plants can be done by our service.
(Individual customized Vinyl cuts can be done if you wish to. Feel free to ask for qoutes)

Try our service – Try us!
We’re looking forward to welcome you in the long row as a satisfied customer!